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16 March 2017

Pizza Prices: Sorrento vs Salerno

My friends wanted to know how are the prices of normal "something to eat" possibilities in our zone. Last week, I had to visit two of the well known cities, Sorrento and Salerno, and wanted to control how much will cost the most common and desired meet of Campania: pizza.

I normally do not visit central restorants for tourists because of bad quality tourists oriented tastes. Sorrento is a little town living only fron tourists, so my choice was a pizzeria that is situated at the right from the Circumvesuviana station. It will be a still natural place, I thought.

I was not right.
First, the girl sad me the pizza will be little and will cost euro 4. Well, I thought, it's a right price even if a little too high for pizza margherita. So I ordine e good beer and wait for my meal.
I had to wait an eternity. The pizza was nothing special as a taste.

I normally ordine "Margherita con carciofini (artichokes)", but if you want something simple without reading long menus and try to guess what it is etc, you can say Margherita con salame/wurstel/prosciutto or con funghi (mushrooms) or what you like. It's the most easy way to receive what you want.

The price of Margherita in Campania is not high and vary from 2,50 to 3,60. The problem is that if you have the "not italian" face (like me), the price can be "according to the face" (that is why I send to ordine my husband). 

Pizza Margherita with artichokes in Sorrento
The pizza in Sorrento was nothing special. You can see it on the photo, too.
The price of this pizza and beer (33) was euro 10.

Next day, I had to take one of my kittens in Salerno (I am a red Maine Coon breeder) and so I could confront the pizza in Salerno with that I ate a day before in Sorrento.

First of all, I LOVE Salerno, I love Amalfi coast and Mountains Lattari (you can see them on the foto). I try to cross these mountains at least one time a week. Sometimes, I'm alone, sometimes with my friend, sometimes with a grooup of tourists or friends. I can say, I visited every pick you see on the photo. It's not dangerous even for a solitary woman, to trek or to walk there. But it's always wise to go with at least some persons. Even the most cured pathes like "Sentiero degli Dei" can suddenly present landslide etc. In any case, take your trekking shoes and alpenstoks in vacation.
And you can call me if you need company for your walks.

Seaside of Salerno

Now, we turn back to pizza.
Salerno is not tourist oriented city, so you can find here lower prices and good food for locals even near the railway station.
We went out to the sea, found the first pizzeria where it was possible to ordine fresh pizza. I don't know, I like when pizza is made for me, in the same moment I have to eat it.
We ordined Margherita con salame

Pizza was really excellent. 
With 0,5 l of water and Coka medium I paid euro 7,50

Pizza Margherita with salami in Salerno

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