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10 June 2017

From Amalfi To Emerald Grotto, By Feet

Many persons come in Amalfitan Coast to have speial conditions for their favourite hobbies. Trekking, hiking, snorkeling, running etc - there is place for every passion here. During my walks, I often meet solitary persons or couples or groups of people. Somebody has even sleeping bags over their backpacks.

Personally, I never had the possibility to stay for 2 and more days on the mountains, but I have friends that do it regularly. So, if you want, you can think about this itinerary, too. There are many sources on the mountains and you can meet houses and even restaurants etc there, so you do not need to have great quantities of food and water with you.

It's always better to go with a local guide - there are many residents in Campania that love their moutains so much. If you want, you can write me, too, I'll give you the contacts. The only problem is that they rarely speak other languages except italian. But it's not mortal in any case.

Well, this time I wanted to explore a low path from Amalfi to Emerald grotto. I normally do not walk in that direction because I live far from Amalfi, and it was an interesting new way for me.

I took a map with the pathes in the tourist information office and decided what way I want to go.
These maps are precise enough and really help in the cases when you do not know the path. But it's very useful to have an app with the trekking pathes in your cell, too. In some cases they can save you hours of your time.

I've never seen Amalfi from this perspective before. Very beautiful landscape, some churches and just enough staircases. I went to the rock over them and turned left. There was a path that continued in the wild, but I wanted to reach Emerald grotto and went down the stairs.

There is a path that continue down the rock on the right of this photo. It will be one of my next walks.

This other beautiful place is situated near the Grotto.
The rocks are really spectacular
I did not enter the Grotto: I've just visited different grotto like this in the province and I've seen a long tail of ships waiting to enter there. I do not like it. So, I prefered to go back to Amalfi long the main street. I wanted to swim a little before I take a bus to turn home.

It's possible to go down to different beaches long the way to Amalfi, but I did not like to climb infinite stairs after the relax on the beach. So, I decided to reachAmalfi where the beach is on the town level and to swim there.

The water was excellent and I had very good finish of my free day this time.

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