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20 June 2017

Rome - Visiting Julius Cesar's Murder Place

Last time we left our one hour walk in Rome visiting Trajan's Column and the maine tourists attraction in Rome - the Imperial Fora.

Today, we will visit Largo Argentina and the Julius Cesar's murder place. All the itinerary was not long and we reached this place without long stops in about 30 minutes.

We all are fascinated by the life story of Julius Cesar and when I knew where the place of his dead and funeral fire are, I wanted absolutely to visit them. These are 2 different places. Here, in Largo Argentina, was the Curia Julius Cesar wanted to visit in the last day of his life even if he felt danger and was warned to be careful. He was murdered and left for some hours in Curia. The murders were so much frightened of their own crime that went away when they understood what they did to themselves (all of them were punished in short time). After that, the loyal citizens took the body of Julius Cesar in an other place. You will find it if you visit Imperial Fora. He was burned there even if it was stricktly forbidden to burn bodies inside the cities.

All the Argentina square is a big excavation site, and we come there from this side:

Largo Argentina, Rome

 There are explanations stands near the fence of the excavation. So even if you do not remember something, you can easily find all the known info just there.
Rome has very good descriptions with maps, fotos etc near every interesting place you would like to see there. And it's really great.

Here you can see the central temple and the arches behind it. So, under that arches was situated the famous Curia. A group of Spain scientists found a commemorative stone remaining that Octavius Augustus punished the murders of his father (Source)

Excavation site of Largo Argentina, Rome

I was different times in this part of Rome and like it not inly for enormous quantity of tourists' attractions, but for different good possibilities of accomodations. Here you can control the real time offers.

 It's impossible to go down to see the commemorating stone, so I tryed to make the photo from the stairs. If you are interested, you can read this article about the square or open last photos of this post

There are many cats in this area and there is an onlus assotiation that cures them. You can visit their shop and some rooms and donate or buy something for your pets. There are interesting items for cat's lovers there.

Cat Shop Largo Argentina, Rome

Before you turn back to take your train in Roma Termini, visit the ice-cream shop on your left side (when you look back from Largo Argentina). Their ice-cream is really very good.
Don't forget to visit it.

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