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06 June 2017

One Hour in Rome - Trajan's Column

We began this walk near the central railway station of Rome, Roma Termini ( One or Two Hours in Rome, Italy) with the intention to see as much as possible in one or two hours we have between two trains, because we presume we have to continue our trip.

I said you, we can visit and see many interesting places and national treasures. Two of them I described you in the second post of this serie: Rome, Italy - Treasures Of The Art on Every Step

Today, we continue our adventure long the via Nazionale to the Trajan's Column and Altar of the Fatherland, the white monument with grey statue you see in the background of the photo. 

Rome, Italy

Next interesting place we pass, but not visit is this tower Torre delle Milizie. They say, it's the highest Roman tower and it's "pendant", too (it was partially brocken during an earthquacke).

Behind this tower, there is the complex of the Trajan's Market and you have to go there if you want to visit it, because there is the entrance in the complex there (Click here for the timetable and informations).

But we have only one hour and have to reach the place of the murder of Julius Cesar, so this interesting museum, we will visit it next time we come here.

Torre delle Milizie, Trajans' Market, Rome, Italy

We go down the steps of the very short street Magna Napoli and... here we reached the enormous zone where there are the Imperial Fora.
If you want to give a look at them, you can go left till the other "Big", Colosseum (15 minutes if you go there directly), but we will even not stop here, near the Trajan's Column, because we have not time for it.

So we go right (on the photo), cross the Venezia square, pass near the Altar of the Fatherland and the S.Marco square. There is an enormous statue in the corner of this square. The Roman popular tradition calls the 3 m high statue Madama Lucrezia (because the lover of Alfonso of Aragon lived in this palace after his death), but the Roman statue has some signs of Isis or a minister of her worship.

On my photos, you can see the tram - we could take it to reach Largo Argentina, but if we will wait for the departure, it could take much time. So, we will continue our walk. Largo Argentina is only 15 minutes far from here.

Trajan's Column and Altar of the Fatherland, Rome, Italy
Trajan's Column, Rome, Italy
Trajan's Column,Rome, Italy
Altar of the Fatherland, Rome, Italy
Altar of the Fatherland, Rome, Italy
Madama Lucrezia, S.Marco Square, Rome

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