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09 April 2017

From Sorrento To Positano By Foot

The best thing you can do if you come in Amalfi or Sorrento Coast is to cross the mountains by foot (better if with a guide). The place you booked to overnight is very beautiful, sure, THESE for example are really fantastic), but if you are not a fan of staying all the days of the vacation on the beach, it will become sad after one-two days. Just because there is nothing to do and it's difficult enough to leave and to turn back, there.

So, what can you do to have unforgettable vacation? Specially, if it's not your favorite hobby (It's FIRST Time! Imagine!!!)?
Go cross the mountains.

There are hundreds of possibilities and pathes. Most of them are signed on the maps and on earth. You will surely meet other persons and groups. I like to go alone, for example. And there are many persons that go trekking alone there.

You can do only a short walk and turn back or you can continue so much you like.

Here I want to show you some photos from the path that begins from "Castello Colonna" (Piano di Sorrento) and finishes in Positano.

Castello Colonna, Piano di Sorrento, SA, Italy
What do you need for this walk?
Good shoes,
alpenstock (it's better to have it),
something to eat (sandwitch and chocolate) and
at least 1 liter or 1,5 of water (in summer - as much as possible).
If you want to finish your walk in Positano, you need swimmwear and a cloth)

How can you reach Castello Colonna?

This map shows you the castle is situated not too far from Piano di Sorrento and Meta, if you come with the train of Circumvesuviana, or you can take an autobus that goes from Sorrento to Positano and ask the driver to show you where to go out. If you decide to go by foot, it will take about 1 hour.

Once you reach the garden of the castle, you have to cross the garden and the yard of the castle. Out of there, you have to go right path. Left path finishes after some meters.

If you decide to continue to Positano, you will meet large medows and a car road. The way to Positano turns right. If you continue the car road, you will arrive to the Santa Maria al Castello where you can take a bus or, if you continue on the right, you will find an other beautiful path to Positano, Praiano.

Here we decided to take the path to Positano.
It will take about 2-3 hours.

Positano, Italy

Positano, Italy
If you don't like the hard serpantine road, you can take a ferry and enjoy the rocky coast you walked some hours before from the sea, this time.
There are different kinds of ferries and private boots and the prices vary very much, you choose what you prefer.

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