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17 April 2017

How To Reach Raito in Amalfi Coast or How to Travel in Train in Italy

Well, you are right and thanks to my visitors who are so interested in reading my blog of short travel advices that ask me for additional information.

Yes, the most easy way to reach Amalfi coast by earth is to take train or bus.
Trains come from Naples and Salerno, too. If you arrived with a train in Salerno, it's possible to continue with the train to Vietri Sul Mare/Amalfi Coast (it's the exact name of the station).
If you come from Naples, I suggest you to take a ferry. You will arrive at your destination faster. But it will cost much more than the "normal" way by train/bus.

How to Reach Raito, Amalfi or any Town of Amalfi Coast

1/ train from Naples to Vietri Sul Mare
2/ train to Salerno, than bus to Amalfi (the best)
3/ train to Salerno, than train to Vietri Sul Mare, than bus to Amalfi
4/ ferry both from Naples or Salerno

Very useful: You can download an app

"Trenitalia"of the FS (railway of the state) for your cell.

I find it very comfortable. It's possible
-to know the timetable of the trains
-to purchase a ticket, for regional trains, too
-to see the rail track to go or where your train arrives (it's very useful sometimes, specially if your train is late or you have not too much time for the connection)

Where Can You Purchase Your Train Ticket

if you can't buy it from your cell, you can go to
- ticket office
- ticket machine (you will need about 10-15 minutes to purchase your ticket)

- newsstand in the station
- or tobacco shop of the station

NEVER wait for the train or bus without ticket! There are some private companies that can have tickets in the bus, there are different of them in Salerno or in Vietri, but since the busses pass not very frequently (1 time in an hour in Amalfi coast, bus Salerno-Amalfi), it's better does not wait for it without a ticket.

BEFOR you go to your track, you have to find a machine to compost your ticket IN THE Station building. There are NOT these machines near the tracks!

How to Enter the Train 

When your train arrives, you have to open the door of your carriage.
You have to push a button in the new trains or to rotate the handle in the old ones.

How to Take a Bus

If you want your bus stops, you have to make a sign with the hand to the driver. Otherwise the bus can pass without stop.

When you enter the bus, you have to compost your ticket. The machine is situated near the driver, normally. And, if it does not work, you have to give your ticket to the driver. This is why it's good to enter always the first door.

You can ask the driver to stop where you need or to show you your bus stop.
And, if you do not ask him, you have to push the button to reserve your NEXT stop.

If you go to Raito from Vietri, your ticket costs euro 1,20 and you have to take a little bus,
NOT autobus Salerno-Amalfi!!!!!

ALWAYS purchase TWO tickets (roundtrip) if you have to turn back after the walk!
It is a very probably that you will not find a place where to buy a ticket when you return.

Here you will find an in depth Article with photos about travel Amalfi Coast in Bus

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