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16 April 2017

Raito - An Easy Path From Vietri Sul Mare To Cesar Spring

What can we do if we come for the vacation in Raito or in an other place of the Amalfitan Coast? The first and best solution is enjoy the nature, the pure air and the bathes in the warm sea. Well, it's not too warm in this period - about +16C°, but it's possible to swim, too.

Vietri Sul Mare, Amalfi Coast, Italy, central square

If you like active relaxation, you can walk or run long the coast. Practically, you can begin your walk in Vietri and finish in Sorrento. But many persons would like to make some steps and finish their day with a very VERY good pizza or other local food.

Here is one of the easy itineraries 2-3 hours of calm walk long.

We begin from the central square od Vietri sul Mare, pass Raito, arrive to Albori and reach Cesar Spring than.
Turned back to Albori, in the evening, we can stay in a little pizzeria and enjoy it's excellent cuisine.

On our way to the spring, we have many possibilities to photograph splendid views of the coast and all the capital of this province, Salerno. Here you can understand why so many towers exist long all the coast of Italy: you can observe all the life and movements of vehicles from here and every sound arrives up to the picks of the mountains.

Salerno, Italy

Amalfi Coast and Raito, Italy
When you look at the destination of your walk from here, you think, it's sooooooo far! It's impossible to reach! You will think so when you will look there the day after. But the real time you will walk to the destination will surprize you. If you will stop on every step, you will hardly exceed 3-4 hours. I arrived in Vietri at 14:10 and turned to the bus stop at 16:50 this time.

Raito, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Vietri Sul Mare, Amalfi Coast, Italy
Raito, as all the settlings here, is connected to other places with infinite staircases. This one will shorten our way and we will take it.

Raito, Amalfi Coast, Italy
The church is the center of this village and there is a place to make some photos there.
If you do not want continue, you can begin to descend the stairs to the beach from there, too, but we will continue our way long the car road.
If you want to do some more exercises, you can arrive in Albori climbing the stairs on the right instead. It's hard enough, so don't do it if you have health problems.

the church of Raito, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Raito, Amalfi Coast, Italy
We leave Raito, after some meters turn the mountain and can see our destination. It's not too far from the little white house in the center. There are very beautiful pathes long all the crest you can see on the photo and it's possible to climb the pick (mount Falerio) on the left. But you absolutly need good trekking shoes and alpenstock to go there.

Mount Falerio, Amalfi coast, Italy
We finally arrive in Albori. If you decided to choose stairs, you will pass over these houses. There is a good street and you will pass the village, too. If you will go right at the end of the stairs, you will arrive in Dragonea and Cava Dei Tirreni.

Albori, Amalfi Coast, Italy

The car road finishes in this little square. If you are expert enough, you can come with the car here. Or you can take a bus from Vietri Sul Mare (open this page for more info) that has it's terminal stop here.
If you want to go to mount Falerio, you can continue on the right of the square with the stairs climbing up (don't mind the gate :-) ). Very beautiful and EE++ path.

The path to the Ceasar sprng is the street on the left on the photo. It's very easy, as you will see on the photos here.

The only problem is one crossway where it's difficult to understand where to go. Here, on the photo.
First Right and than Left

First Go Right - Caesar Spring, Albori, Amalfi Coast

Than Go Left - Caesar Spring, Albori, Amalfi Coast

These are some photos of this path

And we finally arrived to our destination: a very popular place of pilgrimages.

Caesar Spring, Albori, Amalfi Coast
You can continue your walk long the path on the left that will conduct you to the next village. It's better to have trekking shoes to continue this way. And at least other 2 hours of time.
But our walk finishes near this spring today.
Caesar Spring, Albori, Amalfi Coast
All the life of the persons is bounded to the water here. Actually, the numbers of the population are too high in all the region and many local sources are dry. You will notice it if you continue to walk these mountains. That is why such little springs have so great attention of the residents.

...Even if they rarely think to pick up their trush. Everywhere. I had a plastic pouch with me and picked up the napkins. There are dustbins in that little square in Albori.

Caesar Spring, Albori, Amalfi Coast

Caesar Spring, Albori, Amalfi Coast

Albori, Amalfi Coast, Italy
Turnedd back in Albori, you can visit this pizzeria if it is open. As I said before, this restaurant is very popular for it's good cuisine.
Albori, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Albori, Amalfi Coast, Italy

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