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14 April 2017

Love Egypt, But Are Afraid To Go There? Here The Solution!

Egypt is one of the favolous places with the history and modern everyday life that calls us to visit it. Unfortunatelly, there are many problems and even government sites warn us to be very very careful when we desire to visit this country. The situation in all the world is not very reassuring and nobody wants to risk own life and health and that of our loved once, specially for some days of vacation.

Well, this post was inspired just by some warnings I read this morning.

Visit Egypt? YES!

In this case, in case you would like to visit Egypt, I can offer you a really great solution: you can go to visit this country where you will be accompained and protected by a friend. What can be better? Nothing!

Ali is the owner of it's own, personal oasis,
He is very experted tourist guide, too.
All his life he works with the tourists, and now, he built his own little hotel where he allows his visitors to live natural local life, to eat real local foods, to visit White Desert and other famous places accompained by himself.

 When we go to visit an other country, we do not like crowds of persons when we have not place even where to pose our feet. And we do not like to eat "local" food adapted to the tastes of the tourists from this or that country. No. We like to find something authentic in an other country, doesn't we? Yes. So, if you look for something like it in Egypt - contact me liudwp@gmail.com and I'll connect you with my friend. As Italians say: "Get reccomended!" 😊

The best travel is to visit a place accompained by a person that likes it, that can show you  HIS/HER native land.

Read an article about the Egyptian Waterpipe, you will try it in the oasis of Ali!

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